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    Chinese Famille Rose Ding Censer
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    Cecil Kennedy English Still Life Painting
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    Sydney Laurence Mt. McKinley Oil
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    Dale Chihuly Sea Form Glass Bowl
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    Kiritsu Kosho Kaisya Japanese Mixed Metals Urn
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    Édouard Cortès Parisian Street Scene Painting
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    Thomas Hill Yosemite Oil Painting
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    Morris Graves "Winter Bouquets" Painting
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    Kenneth Callahan "Time and Space" Oil
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    Kiritsu Kosho Kaisya Japanese Mixed Metals Vase
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    Mark Tobey Untitled White Writing Painting

Fine Art Auction

Thursday February 26 (4:00PM)
Previews: Mon Feb 23 - Wed Feb 25 (Noon-5:00PM)
                  and Thu Feb 26 (Noon-4:00PM)
717 South 3rd Street, Renton, WA | map

Featuring a Lifetime Collection of Fine Chinese Antiquites
A Lifetime Pre-Columbian & Ethnographic Collection

Northwest Modernism: Morris Graves "Bouquet" Pastel on Paper with Louvre Gallery Label, Paul Horiuchi Large Collage "Morning #2", George Tsutakawa WPA Era Landscape Paintings (3 Works), Early Kenneth Callahan Dock Scene Large Oil, Kenneth Callahan WPA Small Landscape Oils (2 Works), Early William Cumming "Nun" Bronze, William Cumming Figure Paintings (3 Works), Walter Isaacs 1955 Abstract Figures Oil, Peter Camfferman Modernist Still Life Oil, Kathleen Gemberling "Times Strata" Abstract Oil 33"x66", Kathleen Gemberling "Spring Crysalis" Abstract Oil 80"x70", Group of Early Louis Gilbert WPA Era Artworks, Dorothy Milne Rising WPA Era Works, Robert Bruce Inverarity Alaskan Illustration Artwork, Collection of Nicolai Kuvshinoff Artworks (Purchased Directly From Artist), James Washington Jr. Small Woodcut, Mary Randlett Skagit Valley Photograph, Several Richard Kirsten Abstract Artworks, Ray Ho Abstract Painted Collages (4 Works), Important Early Dale Chihuly Glass Macchia Bowls (3 Works), Sonja Blomdahl 2-Color Incalmo Glass Bowl, etc.

Native & Western Art: Important Richard Thomas (CO) "Cowgirl" Large Western Oil (Pictured on Cover of Exhibition Brochure), Richard Thomas Buffalo Grazing Oil Painting, Leigh Gusterson Impressionist Oil, Perry Brown Landscape Oil, Dan Bodelson (NM) Indian on Horseback Oil, William Berra (NM) "By The Pond" Oil, Stanley Long (CA) Western Scene Watercolor, Maria Santana Small Blackware Dish (Purchased at Museum), Aubrey LaFortune Carved Raven Mask with Pearl Inlay, Barry Herem "Spirit Master" Bronze Mask, Joe Sylvester Carved Raven Mask, Joe David "Maori Mask" Bronze Sculpture 1 of 4, Beau Dick "Ridicule" Carved Mask, Wilfred Sampson Carved Sun Mask, Art Thompson Painted Drum, Todd Couper "Maori Mask" Carving on Stand, Bill Reid "Haida Wolf" & "Haida Thunderbird" S/N Serigraphs, Robert Davidson Jr. S/N Serigraph, Art Thompson Serigraphs (8 Works), Joe David Serigraphs (4 Works), Beau Dick Serigraphs (3 Works), Susan Pointe Serigraphs (2 Works), Ben Houstie Paintings & Serigraphs (3 Works), Danny Dennis Watercolor & Ink, Walter Harris Serigraphs (2 Works), Sylvester Ayek Soapstone Polar Bear Carving, Kaka Ashoona Modernist Carved Green Soapstone Sculpture, Bill Allard Soapstone Bird Carvings, Henne Goodale Mountain Scene Oil, Taqialuk Nuna Soapstone Inuit Mask Carving, Charles Gause (Alaska) Bear Mountain Scene Large Watercolor, Jessica Zemsky (MT) Pastel of Indian Maiden, Pudlo Pudlat Inuit Woodcuts (2 Works), John Joseph Englehart Large Mt. Rainier Oil Painting, etc.

American & European Fine Art: Jennifer Bartlett (NY/CA) "Granite House" Modernist Oil, Lee Long Looi (Malaysia) Modernist Watercolor of Figures, Hugo Kaufmann (German) Bronze David Sculpture, Henriette Ronner (Dutch) Cast Playing with Spinning Wheel & Birdcage Oil on Panel, King Ludwig I and II of Austria Miniature Portraits on Ivory, F.J. Carmona French Enamel Rural Scene Plaque, (2) After Jules Moigniez Impressive Bird Bronzes, After P.J. Mene Elk Bronze, etc.

Fine Print & Photography: Early Laura Gilpin "Beta-Ta-Kin Cliff Dwelling Navajo National Monument" Silver Gelatin Photograph, Mary Randlett Skagit Valley Silver Gelatin Print, Yousef Karsch Silver Gelatin Photograph of George Bernard Shaw, George Tice Photograph of Sheep, Marsha & Michael Burns Signed Photographs, Victor Vasarely "Makk-S" Signed Serigraph, Glen Alps "Figures" Serigraph, Collage of Lisel Salzer Small Etchings, Tony Angel A.P. Owl Lithograph, Helmi Juvonen Native Woodcut, etc.

Fine Silver: George III Silver Tankard by Thomas Wallis I, Victorian Silver Plated Tankard by Martin Hall & Co., Carl Weishaupt 900 German Silver 5-Piece Tea Service, Simon Rosenau German 800 Silver 3-Piece Heart Shaped Teapot Set, Late 18 th Century French Silver Coffee Pot with Armorial, 184pc W&S Sorensen Denmark "Funkis" Modernist Sterling Flatware Service, Group of Burmese Repousse Silver Bowls & Boxes, etc.

Fine Porcelain & Glass: Important Dale Chihuly 1989 Large Macchia Bowl with Turquoise Lip Wrap (Museum Quality), Chihuly 2000 Carnelian Macchia Bowl, Chihuly 1999 Macchia Bowl with Yellow Lip Wrap, Newcomb College Handled Daffodil Small Pot by Anna Frances Simpson, Set of (6) Dedham Pottery Small Plates, Pair of Meissen Figural Putti Double Candle Sconces, Meissen Gilt Floral Serving Tray, Antique Capodimonte Framed Relief Plaque, Moser Gilt Trumpet Large Vase, etc.

Asian Antiquities: Important Qing Dynasty Blue & White Hu Form Lotus Large Porcelain Vase, Important Qing Dynasty Famille Rose Nine Peach Large Porcelain Vase, Fine Chinese Famille Rose Triptych Porcelain Framed Shou Plaque, Antique Chinese Black Monochrome Pear Shaped Porcelain Vase (Appraised $17k), Fine Blue & White with Copper Red Underglaze Porcelain Peach Vase with Kangxi Mark, Fine Collection of Chinese Carved Jade Pendants & Guanyin Figures (Antique & 20 th Century), Large Collection of Chinese Carved Rose Quartz/Carnelian/Agate/Turquoise Guanyin & Buddha Carvings, 2pc Antique Carved Ivory Doctor Models, Large Antique Carved Ivory Guanyin 2', Several Japanese Carved Ivory Netsuke & Okimono Figures, Collection of Ming Martaban Jars, Fine Carved Jade Trees with Cloisonné Jardiniers, Several Antique Blue & White Covered Porcelain Jars, Antique Chinese Cloisonné Teapot with Inset Carved Jade Pendants, Pair of Chinese Cloisonné Figural Deck Vessels, Chinese Blue & White Egg-Shaped Dragon & Bat Vase on Stand, Pair of Chinese Famille Rose Enameled Ginger Jars, Fine Chinese White Jade Carved Pendant, Meizan Hododa Japanese Satsuma Vase, Sevearl Ning Yeh Chinese Modernist Sumi Paintings from Weyerhaueser Collection, Chen Chi A.P. Signed Lithograph, etc.

Pre-Columbian, African & Ethnographic: Ancient Khmer Carved Limestone Vishnu Full Figure, Khmer Carved Limestone Head of Dignitary, Khmer Bronze Standing Buddha, Thai Ayuthaya Bronze Buddha Fragment, Old Burmese Bronze Seated Buddha on Stand, Ancient Greek Apulian Hydria Blackware Vessel 4 rd Century BC, Ancient Apulian Gnathian-Ware Epichysis Ewer, Collection of Pre-Columbian Moche/Chavin/Requay/Nasca/Inca Stirrup Vessels (25 Pieces), Tairona Zoomorphic Bowls, Chorrera Culture Ceremonial Bowl with Fruit, Fine African Mende Helmet Mask, Izzi Nigeria Elephant Spirit Polychrome Mask, Fine Burkina Faso "Bwa" Mask, Kuba "Bwoom" Congo Mask, Nimba Shoulder Mask, Bamun Helmet Mask Cameroon, Senufo Male & Female Carvings, Burkina Faso Buffalo Helmet Mask, Several Philippines Ifugao Shields & Spears, Ifugao Containers & Bowls, Ifugao Bulul Carved Deities, Group of Burmese Repousse Silver Bowls & Boxes, etc.

Mid Century Modernism: Stendig DS 600 Non-Stop 16-Section Brown Leather Sofa, Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin Marble Top Server, Bernhard Pedersen & Son Denmark Teak Tambour Sideboard, 3pc Erik Buck OD61 Teak & Rosewood Bar Stools, Impressive Ron Kent Turned Wood Art Vases, Robert Sperry 1980 Black Crackle Charger, Monumental F. Carlton Ball Floor Vase, Ray Ho Ceramic Slab (Published in LaMar Harrington Book), F.Carlton Ball Ceramics, Akio Takamori Face Cups (2 Works), Ben Sams Sculptural Face Mugs, etc.

Antiquities & Décor: Duffner Kimberly Blue Iris Leaded Glass Shade Hanging Light Fixture George Baker Swiss Music Box on Stand with 23" Cylinder, Impressive Pierre Victor Ledure Greek Carthage Bronze & Gilt Mantel Clock, Gilt Painted Trumeau Mirror with Harbor Scene, Finely Carved European Ivory Crucifix, French Carved Ivory Beauty Small Bust, etc.

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