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    Chinese Famille Rose Ding Censer
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    Cecil Kennedy English Still Life Painting
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    Sydney Laurence Mt. McKinley Oil
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    Dale Chihuly 2-Piece Castilian Red Pheasant Macchia Set
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    Kiritsu Kosho Kaisya Japanese Mixed Metals Urn
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    Édouard Cortès Parisian Street Scene Painting
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    Thomas Hill Yosemite Oil Painting
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    Morris Graves "Winter Bouquets" Painting
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    Kenneth Callahan "Time and Space" Oil
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    Kiritsu Kosho Kaisya Japanese Mixed Metals Vase
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    Mark Tobey Untitled White Writing Painting

Fine Art and Premier Auction

Thursday May 28 (4:00PM)
Previews: Tue May 26 - Wed May 27 (Noon-6:00PM) and
            Thu May 28 (Noon-4:00PM)
717 South 3rd Street, Renton, WA | map

Featuring Fine Asian Antiquities
American & Northwest Fine Art

Northwest Modernism: Museum Quality Leo Kenney "Ghost Lake" Large Gouache from the Marshall & Helen Hatch Collection, Jarred Rue Large Contemporary Oil of Trees, Katherine Ace "The Game" Large Contemporary Oil, Impressive Z.Z. Wei "White Barn & Shadows" 1990 Large Oil, Exceptional Paul Horiuchi Collage with Gold Foil & Calligraphy "The Golden Wall", Impressive George Tsutakawa "Point of Arches" 1981 Sumi (Purchased Foster/White), George Tsutakawa Beach Scene, La Push Watercolor in Colors, Margaret Tompkins 1956 Abstract Watercolor Painting, Kenneth Callahan Impressive Mountain Sumi Painting, William Ivey 1979 Small Abstract Oil, Impressive James Washington Jr. "Northwest Gull" Carved Granite Sculpture, James Washington Jr. "Samuel" Prophet Head Carved Granite Sculpture, Fine James Lee Hansen "Shaman Study" 1970 Abstract Bronze Sculpture, Impressive Frank Okada "Tumescent Red" Large Abstract Oil, Richard Gilkey "Spring" Long Oil Painting, Leo Kenney Surrealist Image Gouache 1944 (Ex. Marshall Hatch Collection), Morris Graves Abstract Tempera Painting Circa 1970's (Sotheby's Labels), Morris Graves Abstract Mandala Tempera, Mark Tobey Figure Study in Color Painting (Multiple Gallery Labels), Kenneth Callahan "Departure" Tempera with Figures, Kenneth Callahan "Sky Bridge" Vertical Oil, Early Kenneth Callahan WPA Era Tempera Landscape, Paul Horiuchi "Artifacts of Genroku" Early Collage (Zoe Dusanne Label), Paul Horiuchi Early Abstract Collage with Calligraphy (Double Sided), Paul Horiuchi "Poem" Small Collage, Paul Horiuchi Medium Diptych Collage, Paul Horiuchi Diptych Small Abstract Collage, William Cumming 1974 Tempera on Board of Little Girl Running, William Ivey 1986 Long Abstract Oil, George Tsutakawa Mountain 1962 Sumi Small Painting, Rosalyn Gale Powel Floral Still Life Small Oil, Rosalyn Powel Still Life with Pears Oil, RGP Large Floral Still Life Oil, Fay Chong "Apple Tree" Sumi Painting, Joseph Goldberg Early Abstract Painting 1969, Guy Anderson Abstract Woodcut, Guy Anderson Female Nude Ink, Impressive Wendell Brazeau Abstracts of Hands & Geometrics, Walter Isaacs Still Life Small Oil, James Martin Early Still Life Abstract, Group of William Ivey Painting Studies, Paul Havas Small Artworks, Jacob Elshin Architectural Gargoyle Oil, Ambrose Patterson Colored Charcoal of Whale, Yvonne Twining Humber (2 Works), Maria Frank Abrams (2 Works), Betty Frost NW Landscape Oil, Diane Katsiaficas Abstract Mixed Media, Eunice Jensen Parsons (OR) Original Watercolors & Print Work, Manuel Izquierdo Abstract Still Life Watercolor, Large Maria Frank Abrams "Rays of Light" Oil, etc.

Modern Art: Two Works by Important Egyptian Modernist, Adam Henein. "Adam" Mixed Media Painting on Paper, "Adam & Eve" Mixed Media Painting on Paper, Tony Phillips (IL) Surrealist Image, James Castle (Idaho) Small Bell Figure Drawing, Patricia Adams (CA) Small Abstract Oil, etc.

Studio Ceramics & Glass: Impressive Richard Marquis Teapot Goblet, Klause Moje 1986 Fused Glass Bowl, David Schwarz Z-Axis Cobalt Bowl, David Chihuly 1991 White Seaform with Black Lip Wrap, Henner Schroder Cast Glass Petroglyph Sculpture on Stand, Gizela Nabokov (Czech) Cast Glass Table Sculpture, Bryan Rubino Cobalt Vase (Foster/White Gallery), Bryan Rubino/William Morris Collaboration Vase, Dale Chihuly 2-Piece Yellow Seaform Glass Set, Richard Marquis "Noble Effort" Art Glass (2 Works), James Minson Pair Floral Goblets, Clayton James Ceramic Sculptural Vase, Viola Frey (CA) Funk Pottery Cloud Large Ceramic Box, Jun Kaneko Colorful Glazed Ceramic Hanging Sculpture, Piper Snow (CA) Large Ceramic Sculptures, Large Collection of Northwest Studio Pottery including Works by: Peter Voulkos, Rudy Autio, David Shaner, Betty Feves, Robert Sperry (20pc), Rare Robert Sperry Nude Small Sculpture, Robert Sperry Bird Sculpture, Cobalt & Gold Luster Sperry Work, Raymond Grimm Large Bowl, Louis Midweek (7pc), Richard Fairbanks, Sequoia Miller, Tom & Elaine Coleman, Rex Mason (CA), James & Nan McKinnell, Gladys Crooks, Ben Bieri, Reid Ozaki, Ben Sams, Lucille Nutt, Ivarose Bovingdon, John Fassbinder, Jane Wherrette, R&L Spencer, Ginny Conrow, Janetta Nelson, Loren Lukens, etc. Group Nicoya Costa Rican Pre Columbian Pottery Vessels, Ancient Ramos Casas Grande Pot, Nazca Pre Columbian Stirrup Vessel, etc.

American & European Fine Art: Frederick Schafer "Rocky Mountains" 30"x50" Large Oil Painting, Impressive Samuel F.B. Morse (Early American) Italian Landscape Oil Painting, Impressive Paul-Charles Chocarne-Moreau (French) "Look Before You Leap" Large Oil of Children, Fine Louis Aguste Lapito (France/Italy) Large Mountain Landscape Oil, Carl Oscar Borg "Pueblo Village" 12"x16" Oil, Robert Henri (Ashcan School Founder) Little Girl Portrait Oil Study, Karl Stuhlmuller (German) "Country Market" Fine Oil Painting, Eliza Barchus Mt. Rainier Small Oil, Charles Volkmar Landscape Oils (2 Works), Rolla Taylor (Texas) Winter Landscape Small Oil, Nathaniel Cooper Maritime Deco Oil Painting, William Reese Indian Maiden Oil, Michael Ferguson "Columbia Raw" Seascape Oil, Harvey Goodale "Prospector" Oil Painting, Michael Godard Original Oil of Martini Glasses with Smoking Olive, Robert Wyland (CA) Dolphins Watercolor Large Painting, Merrill Dean Mahaffey Large Modernist Southwest Oil Painting, etc.

Fine Print & Photography: Alberto Giacometti "Buste II" Female Nude Pencil Signed Etching (Numbered 6 of 150), Pablo Picasso Pencil Signed Lithograph (Anniversary of Eiffel Tower), Salvador Dali "Le Danse" Signed Lithograph, Edward Curtis "Piki Maker" Signed Platinum Photograph, Edward Curtis "Prayer to the Stars" Orotone Photograph, Edward Curtis "The Vanishing Race" Platinum Print, Edward Curtis "Castle of Dreams" Blue Tone Photograph, Asahel Curtis "Mt. Rainier" Tinted Large Photograph, Norman Edson Large Tinted Photograph, Guy Anderson Abstract Woodcut Print, Group of Japanese Modernist Woodblocks, Clifton Karhu Large Woodblock, Toshi Yoshida, Kawase Hasui, Nishijima, etc., Gordon Gilky Etchings, Arthur Luiz Piza Etchings, etc.

Native Americana: Tom Patterson "Puguis" Carved & Painted Mask, Eugene Hunt Carved & Painted Masks (2 Works), Stephen Hunt Carved & Painted Small Paddle, Pitseolak Ashoona Etching, Tony Hunt Signed Lithograph, Duane Pasco Signed Lithograph, etc.

Fine Jewelry, Silver, & Watches: Exquisite 2.7 carat Solitaire Diamond Ring, Pair of 18k Diamond & Sapphire Drop Earrings (Art Deco Style), Impressive Victorian Etruscan Revival Gold & Carved Coral Cameo Jewelry Set (Tiara & Earrings), Vintage Women's Rolex Wristwatch, 18k Heavy Gazelle Hinged Cuff Bracelet, Italian 18k Diamond Heavy Choker Necklace with Earrings, Antique Mine Cut Diamond Bar Pin, Antique Ruby & Pearl Bar Pin, Deco Omega 18k Pocket Watch, 14k Solid Band Omega Deville Wristwatch, 14k Egyptian Revival Scarab Bracelet, Very Rare Gorham Narragansett Shell Serving Spoon, Early Gorham Aesthetic Figural Olive Spoon, George Sharp (PA) American Sterling Figural Mountain Goat Head Ladle, Impressive Dominick & Haff Floral Sterling Tall Vase, 4pc Dutch Silver Tea Service with Original Sales Pamphlet, 800 Baroque Silver Tea Service, Impressive Dominick & Haff Floral Sterling Tall Vase, 4pc Dutch Silver Tea Service with Original Sales Pamphlet, etc.

Ceramics & Glass: Impressive KPM Painted Porcelain Plaque of Bride, Royal Vienna Painted Porcelain Tray of Woman with Putti, R. Lalique "Lobelia" Fern Frond Crystal Vase, Pair of Bohemian Gilt Overlay Portrait Perfume Bottles, Royal Vienna Portrait Plates, etc.

Asian Antiquities: Important Ming Dynasty Celadon Vase (Published in Chinese Ceramics Book), Monumental & Important Kangxi Antique Chinese Famille Verte Porcelain Yen Yen Floor Vase on Carved Stand, Impressive Dominick & Haff Floral Sterling Tall Vase, 4pc Dutch Silver Tea Service with Original Sales Pamphlet, Antique Chinese Celadon Glaze Lotus Vase, Yuan Dynasty Celadon Handled Porcelain Vase, Fine Chinese Republic Famille Rose Porcelain Bat & Lotus Vase, 4pc Persian Blue Porcelain Lotus Vases, 3pc Antique Silk Embroidered Women's Robes, Antique Chinese Peacock Blue Handled Dragon Vase with Qianlong Marks, Impressive Mongolian Silver & Carved Jade Teapot, Antique White Jade Carved Peach on Stand, Antique Celadon Jade Bat Carving on Stand, Antique Silk Embroidered Women's Robe, Fine Blue & White Porcelain Yen Yen Dragon Vase with Yongzheng Marks, Collection of Fine Carved Agate Snuff Bottles, Meiji Japanese Monkey Carved Ivory Whisk Counter, Antique Chinese Carved Coral Snuff Bottle, Lavender Jadeite Carved Bird Figure on Stand, Antique Chinese Tea Dust Glaze Porcelain Handled Vases, Antique Chinese Cylinder Vases, Set of Six Kangxi Milk & Blood Porcelain Plates, Qianlong Chinese Export Porcelain Bowl on Stand, Fine Chinese Carved Ivory Brise Hand Fan, Antique Chinese Mother of Pearl Inlaid Rosewood Document Box, Antique Chinese Wucai Lion Dog Porcelain Jar, Antique Chinese Copper Seated Buddha, etc.

Mid Century Modernism: Set of (4) Eames Herman Miller DCM Dining Chairs, Set of (3) Eames Herman Miller Armchairs, Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin Chrome Armchair, Laurel Orange Mushroom Table Lamp, etc.

Antiquities & Décor: Impressive Antique Lyon & Healey Concert Harp in Original Crate, Antique Carved Gilt Harp, Vintage Martin Acoustic Guitar with Case, Gibson Mandolin in Case, A Wonderful Selection of Antique Decorative Oil Paintings, Collection of European Miniature Paintings on Ivory, Antique French Lyre Form Gilt Bronze Clock & Garniture Set, L. Marti French Gilt Bronze Mantel Clock, Fine Silk Tree of Life Rug, (2) Semi Antique Room Size Sarouk Oriental Rugs, Fine Silk Tree of Life Rug, etc.

This auction will have internet bidding with LiveAuctioneers.  Absentee & phone bids also accepted.

AUCTIONEERS NOTE: This is one of the finest grouping of Northwest Art we have had to offer!

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